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Paragraphs §86/86a

§ 86 dissemination of propaganda of unconstitutional organizations

(1) Who propaganda


one by the Federal Constitutional Court declared unconstitutional party or a party or association, established by the incontestable is that it is a substitute organization of such a party,


an association that is prohibited appealable because it is directed against the constitutional order or the concept of international understanding, or established by the incontestable is that it is a substitute organization of such a banned organization,


a government, organization or institution outside the territorial scope of this law that is working for one of the purposes referred to in paragraphs 1 and 2 parties or associations, or


Propaganda, which are determined by their content to continue efforts of a former National Socialist organization,

distributed domestically or for distribution in domestic or foreign manufacture, stock holding, imports or exports or makes publicly accessible data stores will be punished with imprisonment up to three years or a fine.

(2) propaganda tool for the purposes of paragraph 1 only to those writings (§ 11 para 3), the contents of the free democratic basic order or the concept of international understanding is directed.

(3) Paragraph 1 shall not apply if the means of propaganda or the act of civic education, protection against illegal endeavors, the arts or science, research or teaching, reporting on events of current affairs or history or similar purposes.

(4) Is the low debt, the court may waive a penalty under this provision.

Unofficial Contents

§ 86a Use of symbols of unconstitutional organizations

(1) A prison sentence of up to three years or a fine will be imposed on anyone who


domestic mark under § 86 para 1 No. 1, 2 and 4 designated parties or associations, or disseminated publicly, in a meeting or in writings disseminated by him (§ 11 paragraph 3) or uses


Articles which present containing such marks or, for distribution or use domestically or abroad in the designated number one in fashion manufacturing, stock holding, imports or exports.

(2) mark for the purposes of paragraph 1, including banners, badges, uniforms, slogans and forms of greeting. Mentioned in Sentence 1 are equal to those characteristics that are similar to confuse them.

(3) § 86 para 3 and 4 shall apply accordingly.

Unofficial Contents

As a prerequisite to the acquisition described in our offer to sell contemporary and military historical objects from the period 1933 - 1945, I expect the knowledge of § 86 and § 86a StGB. This implies that the use o.g. Items to be made solely for purposes of civic education, protection against illegal and subversive activities, the scientific and cultural-historical research, education and reporting on events of current affairs, or military history and uniform research has.

The company HB-Militaria offers these items only under this condition. With each access to content and with each order I assume that this knowledge and a commitment to consistent, items that are marked with the emblems of the Third Reich, to handle in accordance with § 86.86 of the Criminal Code. Specifically I would like to point out that a different use, particularly as defined in propagandistic fashion § 86.86 of the Penal Code is a prohibited and is punishable as an offense.